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Free Skin Graft Combined with VSD for Treating Ulcer at Diabetic Foot

Zhou Jie, Huang Jinhua, Xu Gang, Zhou Rongfang, Liu Sen, Liu Yifeng


Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, Subei Peoples Hospital, Clinical Medical College, Yangzhou Unviersity


Objective: To explore clinical efficacy of vacuum sealing drainage (VSD) technology combined with skin graft for treating ulcer at diabetic foot.


Methods: Effective debridement was taken for ulcer at diabetic foot in 16 cases. After taking VSD technology, razor-thin graft or thin split thickness graft was used for stamp sized skin-grafting, and VSD technology was also given.


Results: Grafts were all alive in 16 cases.


Conclusion: This method is simple and easy to take postoperative care. It is an ideal method to treat ulcer in some patients with diabetic foot.