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Constant VSD for Deep Burn Wound Recovery

Wang Zhiyong, Shi Geng, Ruan Jianchun, Qu Nianzhen


Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Tianjin Fourth Peoples Hospital


Objective: To investigate VSD treatment for deep burn wound recovery.


Methods: There were 12 cases with deep burn injury. Because of untimely and improper treatment, the patient missed the best time to seal wound surface at stage I, and was found with local infection and tissue defect. After debridement, wound surface was treated with twice VSD, graft and flap was used to recovery wound surface, and clinical efficacy was observed.


Results: In these 12 cases, 10 cases were with alive grafts after VSD treatment and stage II skin grafting. Two cases were given flap transplantation to cover wound surface after twice VSD treatment. 


Conclusion: VSD technology can effectively promote recovery of deep burn wound, shorten treatment course and relieve pain during dressing change.