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VSD Combined with Full-thickness Skin Graft for Repairing Treatment

Pan Yue, Hu Jichao, Wang Xixun, Li Jun, Wei Yong


Department of Hand and Foot Surgery, Zhejiang Hospital of Armed Police Force


Objective: To summarize the clinical efficacy and experiences of VSD technology combined with skin grafting for repairing donor sites at valva of thumb nail.  


Methods: There were 20 cases treated with operation on valva of thumb nail from January 2009 to April 2010, including 16 males and 4 females. These patients were 18 to 45 years old, with average of 36 years old. The reasons of injury: mechanical injury in 18 cases, traffic accident in 1 case and wound after operation of thumb angioma in 1 case. Defect degree: I degree in 10 cases, II degree in 6 cases and III degree in 4 cases. All patients were given 64 slice CT for foot angiography before operation. The CT results showed bone exposure and exposure of muscular tendon issues. The areas of donor sites at thumb were 5 cm×3 cmto 7 cm×5 cm. After VSD treatment, donor sites of thumb nail were repaired with full-thickness skin flap.


Results: Flaps were alive in donor sites of thumb nails in 20 cases, and there was without graft rupture or exudates or other complication; all patients were followed up for 3 to 12 months after operation. Skin graft at thumb nail was with satisfactory appearance and good function.


Conclusion: VSD treatment combined with full-thickness skin grafting can repair donor sites of thumb nail, reduce repairing difficulty at donor site, improve defect repairing appearance at donor tissues, relieve patient’s pain induced by dressing change, and is with satisfactory efficacy.