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VSD for Treating Limb Trauma

Mo Jingmu, Ma Zhifang, Wei Qing, Zhang Hai, Zhang Dong, Feng Jiangxue, Zhou You


Guangxi Hospital of Bone Injury


Objective: To explore the clinical efficacy of VSD for treating limb trauma combined with large area of skin defect and soft tissue defect.


 Methods: Complete debridement was taken for 63 cases with limb trauma combined with skin and soft tissue defect or bone exposure, and VSD was taken after internal fixation and external fixation of bone fracture.


Results: After continuous drainage of 5 to 7 days, wound granulation grew well in 63 cases with skin defect and 12 cases with bone exposure. The wound was recovered after skin grafting or muscular flap transplantation. In 10 cases with avulsion injury, there were 3 cases still with partial necrosis, and granulation grew well after VSD again. In 5 cases with bone fracture and skin infection, the wound became red and smooth after 2 weeks of VSD, and wound recovered after skin grafting or skin flap transplantation.


Conclusion: VSD can quickly remove exudates, improve local microcirculation, and accelerate wound healing. It is an effective method to treat limb injury combined with soft tissue defect.