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VSD Treatment for Gustilo IIIB Type Calf and Foot Fracture Wound Covering

Hao Qifu, Han De, Shen Fucheng


Medical Central General Hospital, Qi Taihe Mining Group Company, Heilongjiang


Objective: To explore VSD treatment for Gustilo IIIB type calf and foot fracture wound covering. To analyze and summarize the common problems of clinical efficacy of VSD technology for treating skin and soft tissue defects.


Methods: There were 8 cases with calf and foot Gustilon IIIB type fracture, 7 in male and 1 in female. The patients were 20 to 62 years old, and with average of 35 years old. After debridement, VSD technology was taken early to treat wound. At the stage II, the patients were given postage stamp grafting or skin flap transplantation to cover wound surface.


Results: Only 1 case was with infection after operation, and sinus tract was found. Skin flap transplantation was taken after 3 months, and wound was cured after covering. All patients were recovered after the first skin grafting. The patients were followed up for 6 to 12 months after operation, and all grafted skin were alive. The skin flaps were with good elasticity, bright color, and high ability to recover limb function, and there was without other local or general complications.


Conclusion: Vacuum sealing drainage (VSD) is an effective method to cover wound surface for Gustilo IIIB type fracture. It is easy and simple, with definite efficacy, can shorten the whole course, and reduce pain in patients.