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VSD Medical in ABA 2019

 Wuhan VSD Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd., has successfully participated in the 51st Congress of the American Burn Association as an exhibitor for the first time, in Las Vegas, America from April 2 to April 5, 2019.





 During the grand opening ceremony of ABA, we’ve met many exceptional healthcare professionals who have dedicated themselves to fulfil ABA’s mission to "promote and support related to burn research, education, nursing, rehabilitation and prevention, improve burn patient’s life", which shares the same philosophy of VSD Medical that we are committed to providing the best solution to all doctors, nurses and patients. 





 This is our first time to participate in the ABA, and it is also the first time that our products have been officially showcased in US market. With the greatest pleasure,we’ve received so many positive feedbacks from physicians, therapists, researchers and potential distribution partners regarding the debut of VSDSTART™ & NEATECHFOAM™ in the states. It makes us more confident and determined to further explore US market! 




  It is such a wonderful experience to exhibit in ABA, which makes us have a better understanding of US market landscape and gain valuable first-hand information from clinical users. We look forward to officially launching our products in US in the near future!