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10 Things You NEED to Know About VSDSTART(II)

Stable Hardware Performance



We’ve introduced the smart software architecture of VSDSTART™ in previous post. Today we’ll present the excelling hardware capability that could further enhance user experience and ensure a safe and effective treatment.  


No.5: Intuitive touch screen

VSDSTART™ has a responsive and intuitive touch screen. You could easily press the icon with your fingertip and quickly get to the page you desire. The sensitivity of screen is set within an appropriate range which could also prevent maloperation due to accidental touch or bump.




No.6: Optimal silent operation

The noise level of VSDSTART™ is exceptionally low. It’s only less than 55Db during operation. Such optimal silent performance could effectively improve user experience, especially for patients. 


No.7: Canister with Doublefilter Technology

Canister has always been a crucial component of the NPWT system. The quality of canister could have a significant impact on treatment. We proudly apply our Doulbefilter technology in VSD canister to create a high-class product.


1stFilter: A built-in plate in the canister can effectively filter the froth in exudate.

2ndFilter: Each canister has a liquid absorbent polymer which can further prevents exudate from seeping into the pump, which could endanger the therapy outcome.


With such double protection, the risk of exudate seepage is drastically reduced. 





Thanks for following the series of posts on both software and hardware of VSDSTART™. There are 3 more cool things you NEED to know! Please stay tuned for our final article to uncover our great design philosophy behind. 


Meanwhile please feel free to reach out to our team for further information and commercial cooperation: export@vsd-vac.com