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10 Things You NEED to Know About VSDSTART(I)

 VSDSTART™ is our latest NPWT pump which is innovative and reliable and able to meet various wound care needs of patients and doctors. Want to dig deeper to know more about this cool product? Please stay tuned for the series of articles! 




 Smart Software Architecture 


No. 1: Intelligent Pressure Monitoring & Control

How to maintain a stable negative pressure and keep a close eye of therapy status is crucial for NPWT result. VSDSTART™ has outstanding pressure monitoring ability which can precisely detect the real-time pressure level with clear display on screen. The green bar on the left side indicates the running state of pump and stability of pressure.


The negative pressure is automatically calibrated to the preset value when minor fluctuation occurs. With this intelligent algorithm, the treatment can be kept within a safety margin. Once the variation exceeds the maximum limit of system, the bar will turn into a different color and therapy could be invalid. 


Therapy on page


No. 2: Clever UI Design 

The key philosophy of UI design is to follow the logic of users and present it with self-explanatory icons. The whole UI structure is smartly organized to be in line with users’ mindset. No need to go through multiple complicated clicks for the page you want, you will find it so easy and natural to operate.


Most of the information is displayed in icons rather than texts so that users could promptly operate VSDSTART™ without reading too much descriptive messages for therapy-related operation. In the meantime, you could always press the “Help” button whenever further information is needed.            



         Customize therapy mode (continuous)       Customize therapy mode (intermittent)         When press “Help” on Home Screen 



No. 3: Auto Alarm System

After gathering feedbacks from clinicians, VSDSTART™ contains 5 key alerts which are the most essential to users instead of a multifarious alarm system: off-balance alarm, canister full alarm, blockage alarm, leak alarm and low battery alarm. Each one is accompanied by an audible tone, and a concise alarm page with a condition description and instruction simultaneously appears. When press “Help”, a more detailed guidance is shown to provide further assistance. 


Warning priority of alarms is not identical, so is the coping mechanism: from audible tone and frequency to the consequence of therapy termination. The whole alarm system is well-choreographed to ensure a safe and effective therapy with a prompt response mechanism.



                   Canister full alarm page                     Help page 1 under canister full alarm       Help page 2 under canister full alarm  



No.4: Day/night Mode

In order to help minimizing the light disturbance to patient during nighttime use, we design the day/night mode in VSDSTART™. The therapy continues when night mode activates and the screen darkens. When an alarm is on, the night model automatically deactivates. 



                                                  Screen under day mode                                 Screen under night mode



VSDSTART™ has many more specialness for you to discover. Please stay tuned for our next article to explore more about the hardware!

Meanwhile please feel free to reach out to our team for further information and commercial cooperation: export@vsd-vac.com