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Review of Medica 2018

Review of Medica 2018


Be grateful to our VSD colleagues brought VSD products for attending MEDICA 2018 Trade Fair last week. Let us congratulate our VSD colleagues completed this exhibition successfully. 



Wuhan VSD has established a deep relationship with surgeons from orthopedics, trauma, burning, general surgery and related fields. Through this exhibition, we are not only showing our products to the market globally but also as the witnessing the development of other advanced medical products. This is a great platform for all medical field.




During the exhibition, Wuhan VSD attracted a large number of clients from European countries, such as Germany, Russia and etc. Meanwhile, those clients have had a pleasant negotiation with us and showed a great impact on our products. 




Finally, our story will keep continuing, next step, we are looking forward to meeting you again at ISBI 2018 in New Delhi!