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Introduction on Chronic Osteomyelitis

Chronic osteomyelitis is generally induced by improper treatment of acute osteomyelitis. In recent year, with increase of disaster accident and traffic accident, incidence of chronic osteomyelitis secondary to open fracture and surgical infection gradually increased.


If the patient was with chronic osteomyelitis:

(1) Abscess can be formed in bone marrow, and pressure in bone marrow increased but blood flow interrupted.

(2) Abscess in bone marrow can cause bone necrosis, pathological fracture or bone defect induced by large bone defect. Clinically, secondary fistula and repeated abscess are often found. Other symptoms include fistula occlusion, topical fever, sore pain, swollen lymph nodes, body heat, increase of leucocytes and increase of ESR. Long term fistula unclosed is likely found in cancer tissues at fistula areas and the patient have to be amputated. 


Chronic pyogenic osteomyelitis is generally treated with combining therapy of operation and medication that can improve general condition, control infection and take surgical treatment. For long-term bed due to severe disease, especially after acute attack of blood-borne diseases, the general condition must be improved for patients. Besides antimicrobial treatment to control infection, the patient has to enhance nutrition, if necessary, to take blood transfusion, surgical drainage and other treatment.

Drug treatment should be taken according to bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test, and effective antibiotics can be taken.


1. VSD drain is medical foam, which can adequately and comprehensively drain bone marrow cavity.

2. VSD technology is an active high vacuum drainage, without problems of drainage tube blockage or poor drainage, so it is with good drainage effect.

3. Practice has proved that VSD material can greatly stimulate granulation growth under constant negative pressure. The bone marrow cavity wound, which contacts with VSD materials, can produce healthy granulation in bone marrow cavity, and obviously promote closure of bone marrow cavity. 

4. For treating chronic VSD osteomyelitis with VSD technology, drained system and drainage system form a close device, to effectively prevent retrograde infection and cross-infection.

5. For VSD technology, drainage should be changed every 5 to 7 days that can greatly reduce work load of medical staffs and relieve patient’s pain. Moreover, patient can move on or out of bed with carrying small vacuum bottle.

6. VSD technology is simple and easy to operate. The total operative times and course of disease decrease, and total hospital fee relatively becomes less.