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VSD Operation and Principle (I)

Can VSD cause compression and necrosis of tissues surround wound?

Answer: No. the high negative pressure of VSD can be conducted on medical foam materials through drainage tube, and equally distributed on the surface of medical foam that avoid suction of organs and tissues induced by traditional vacuum drainage, or ischemia, necrosis, perforate or other complications induced by compression. 

What are the contraindications of VSD treatment?

Answer: The drained area is with active bleeding, cancerous ulcer, and coagulation disorders (be caution with anaerobic infections). 

Why is granulation growth promoted under negative pressure?

Answer: Clinical and experimental studies shows that blood flow peak of granulation is 3 times higher than basic blood flow peak under -16 kPa, and is difficult to decrease. After taking negative pressure for 15 minutes, blood flow volume is 3 times of basic blood flow. The acceleration of blood flow can promote granulation growth. 

How about the clinical application of VSD technology?

Answer: VSD technology (called VAC technology in American) is widely used in clinical treatment of wounds. Professor Qiu Fazu gives a high appraise on VSD technology, which is widely used in China, and also used for surgical drainage. The technology is with high practicability, easy to operate, and obvious efficacy, and gets high reputation from clinical staffs. Further studies should be taken about its application in other areas. 

Why is VSD materials not fixed with suture? Is the fixation firm?

Answer: Materials can be sutured or fixed on skin surface with common suture; the fixation is firm and rarely fall off. 

What are the reasons for semi-permeable membrane cannot being pasted on the skin firmly or cannot pa

Answer: It may be caused by improper treatment on wound surrounding. Treatment on wound surrounding should meet the requirement that the area surrounding wound should be dry as pasting semi-permeable membrane; after wiping with 0.9% sodium chloride injection and medical alcohol, the wound should be wiped with dry gauze; VSD materials should not be squeezed as pasting, in order to avoid moisture wetting wound surroundings. If there is lots of abrasion and exudation on wound surrounding, the wound should be covered with gauze and then pasted with semi-permeable membrane. 

What to do about air leakage, if negative pressure is incomplete after pasting semi-permeable membra

Answer: It should be careful and with patience for pasting and carefully examines the folding part of semi-permeable membrane and pasting area of drainage tube. The recommended sealing methods for drainage tube include mesentery method, opposite pasting method and suture method. It is suggested to take “dumpling” method for treating wound at four extremities. Take close observation on wound surface, in order to find the leakage area, and then take pasting treatment. Note: It cannot ensure complete sealing for large wound due to more materials and large area. There is local negative pressure and it can achieve vacuum drainage efficacy. And attention should be paid to daily nursing round. 

Can VSD drainage tube be cut?

Answer: VSD drainage tube can be cut. But the drainage hole should note be too large, otherwise the ability will decrease for tube wall resisting negative pressure, and drainage tube will be blocked. As design VSD materials, port of drainage tube and lateral hole should be within VSD dressings, in order to avoid blockage after exposure. 

Can VSD materials be reused?

Answer: VSD materials cannot be reused, but drainage tube and T-junction device can be reused after strict disinfection. Supplier can provide sufficient drainage tubes and T-junction devices in common condition. 

Where can we buy VSD materials? Does anyone give guidance?

Answer: There are many distribution outlets or agents of Wuhan VSD Medical Technology Co., Ltd, and professionals will guide you to be familiar with or comprehend the characteristics and operation of the technology. If you have any question, please visit our website WWW.VSD-VAC.COM, or contact us (Phone: 4008-820-210), and we will make comprehensive introduction. 

Can VSD be directly used before debridement?

Answer: VSD materials cannot be used before debridement, and drainage cannot replace debridement.