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VSD for Treating Infected Wound

What is the conventional treatment method after wound infection?

Answer: Remove foreign matter, change dressing in open environment, and take complete drainage, systematic antibiotic treatment and nutritional support. 

Does it need to wash infected wound after VSD treatment? How to wash?

Answer: If there are more exudates at infected wound, it is suggested to use type B product. It needs to slowly and continuously rinse drainage tube by washing pipe, in order to prevent blockage (saline infusion bag is used). Drainage tube cannot be used for type A product. 

How to manage infected wound after being treated with VSD?

Answer: Wound can be immediately cured at stag I. At stage II, suture can be made, and skin grafting, skin flap operation and muscular flap operation can be taken, if necessary.

What are the reasons for common wound infection?

Answer: Serious infection, untimely and incomplete debridement, incomplete drainage, improper treatment, hospital cross infection, etc. 

What are the advantages of taking VSD for treating infective wound?

Answer: Effectively cover wound, avoid cross infection, complete drainage, remove bacterial medium, and effectively control infection. It can inhibit bacterial growth under negative pressure.