Wuhan Davis first Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Outdoor Training in Jiuzhen Mountain for staffs of Wuhan WSD Medical Technology Co., Ltd On November 17, 2013, all staffs of Wuhan WSD Medical Technology Co., Ltd took an outdoor training for a day in Jiuzhen Mountain Forest Park. There were three themes for this outdoor training, including military training, Truman CS and self service barbeque. This training not only cultivated team spirit and collaborate awareness of staffs, but also promoted mutual communication and relieved the working pressure.
  • The 6rth Annual Meeting of National Distributors of Wuhan VSD in 2014 On January 5, 2014, the 6th annual meeting of Wuhan VSD distributors with theme of “creating brilliant on the bench of Longjiang” was successfully held in Harbin, the International Famous Ice and Snow City and also named as “Eastern Paris”. Wuhan VSD and distributors from different domestic areas reviewed the achievements in 2013 and discussed the policies to be taken in 2014, in order to explore the future market and cooperative direction. An activity named “Katyusha” with exotic expressions pushed the event to a new high. During the activity, Wuhan VSD Company gave the highest honor of “Longma Award”, “Tianma Award”, “Junma Award” and “Yuema Award” to the excellent distributors, which made great contribution to the development of company. These distributors also shared their successful experiences with others from different domestic areas. The sharing meeting with theme of “VSD Sale Experience” was held, and all distributors made a deeply discussion on decomposition of clinical sales target and service improvement, a sharing discussion named “aim for success” expressed our original intention on holding annual meeting and our dreams, and another sharing discussion named “brief talk on sales of VSD products” reviewed on real people and real events, expressed the thinking of collaborative development and forging ahead, and told the dots of getting win-win, and the audience burst into thunderous applause at the end of sharing meeting. All VSD staff stood up and applauded for their success. Year of snake had gone, and year of horse comes. We will definitely achieve success on the areas surrounding Longjiang River.
  • Our Glory and Dream----2012 Celebrating Evening Party for staffs of Wuhan VSD was held in Asia Hotel Seclusion means living in solitude, but advanced state is to enjoy quiet life in the noisy city. There is without clear boundary between black and white, and differentiation method is the way. Chairman Song Jiuhong wrote a Woo poem to start 2012 Year-end Summary of Wuhan VSD Group, and the theme of this meeting is “Clinical Practice---Dialectical Analysis on Merit and Demerit of VSD”. Time witnesses our development, and the years see our achievements. “Ten-year Thousand Program of Military of Health” was successfully held in Great Hall of the People. For Growth group in Chinese Innovation and Pioneering Contest at Chengdu competition area, VSD Company won the championship in 13 provinces at southwest areas, and the third prize in the country. Our company was awarded with “2012 China Top 100 Innovation Growth Company”, and “Yearly High-integrity Enterprise in China” issued by Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. We celebrated the New Year, and took this opportunity to thank all people for your support. Our staff is full of vigor to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, and jointly achieves a brilliant success.
  • The Fifth Annual Meeting of Wuhan VSD Distributors in 2012 In early of January 2013, the fifth annual meeting of Wuhan VSD distributors was held in Marco Polo Hotel in Wuhan. Nearly 200 distributors across the country went back to the headquarters, which is the place to realize our dreams. The successful holding of this meeting closed the relation of distributors with VSD headquarters, and smoothed the channels of communication. Integrated operation enabled us to achieve strategic goal faster and better. All distributors and staff of Wuhan VSD will work together for a better further.
  • Tour to Mount Lu by VSD Staff in 2012 At the beginning of the New Year, our company successfully held and completed annual activity of VSD staff in 2012 that toured to Mount Lu under the leadership of Human Resources Department. It is lucky to see snowflakes on the top of Mount Lu on January 1, 2012 that made us feel happy and seemed to like taking good luck in the year of dragon. Mount Lu is a lovely place for its white snow and beautiful scenery, and this tour is a perfect journey for us.