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About LeadershipAbout Song jiuhong

Originally as visiting staff in Department of Orthopaedics, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical Colllege

The visiting scholar in Catherine College, Oxford University, and published 2 SCI articles during this period

The visiting scholar in Heidelberg University of Germany

The first batch of Chinese mainland members for Swiss AO International Medical Association of Orthopaedic Internal Fixation

Editor-in-chief of Vacuum Sealing Drainage Technology published by People's Health Publishing House

Over the years, he engaged in R&D of enterprise technology, marketing promotion and production management; in 1996, he was just 27 years old, and sent as the first batch of Chinese AO (International Academic Institution on Orthopaedics at the Highest Level) to Germany for exchanging learning. He made acquaintance with Professor Qiu Huade, and got access to Vacuum Sealing Drainage Technology (hereinafter referred to as VSD). Then, he and Professor Qiu Huade introduced this technology to China for exploring the clinical practice at a deeper level. At that time, although there were similar technologies in China, they all were not so perfect. VSD technology is with three efficacies of "avoiding absorption of toxics, rapidly cleaning wound surface and promoting development of granulation", and definitely make up the blanks in this field. VSD had got broad social effect since its marketing, and was included in "Ten-year Thousand Items" Program by Ministry of Health in 2008. In 2006, Song Jiuhong and its partners founded Wuhan VSD Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Under the charge of Song Jiuhong, the company adhered to the successful concept of "serious, persistence, innovation and cultivation", and organized development team to establish technical and cooperative relationship with many colleges and universities. The company also employed foreign experts to support enterprise technology development, and carried out the R&D of vacuum sealing drainage technology and devices, drainage tube and dressings. We also focused on environmental issues after using of medical equipments, personally involved in more than 800 patented inventions and innovations, and solved many technical problems in clinical and production processes.

In 2006, the company obtained medical equipment production and selling permits issued by the Ministry of Health, the product officially got market entry, product quality and sales gradually improved. Our company established supply and demand relationship with vast majority of domestic Grade A Class Three hospitals, and actively prepared to export products to Middle East, South Asia and other war frequent countries.

Song Jiuhong said that awards and honors were not the ultimate goal for developing "VSD", but taking advanced medical technology to serve society and people, which was his best wish and goal. Over the years, he educated all staffs to put the healthcare of patients, practice to what your learnt and social returns in the first place.